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-Inspired by AquaLeisure Scape with spider wood, thai tree branches, gotland rock, tortoise stone, river stones,  
-Perfect for bettas, shrimps and small fishes
-Can either planted or non-planted
-Comes with Crystal Clear Glass Tank (40cm x 23cm x 25cm'H)


Recommended Add On (see below):
-AQUACLEAR clip on hanging filter
-Chihiros Wrgb2 slim 30cm or Chihiros B series 30cm light


Planting Requests:

Use the Whatsapp contact (016-2652323) with us to request for planting!

For delivery, we will mist-spray the setup and wrap it to retain the moisture for the plants.


Each scape is uniquely-made for a past project and a representation of what our in-house scapers can create. Note that the scape you will receive will be at least 85% similar to the website pictures. This is because we might not be able to find the exact stones or woods.

However, not to worry, our warehouse houses a wide range and volume of hardscape so re-creation is easy work for us!


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