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Named after boxer Jack Dempsey, the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey shares many similarities to the legendary fighter. This fish will display aggressive behavior, and some say the face of this fish even resembles Jack Dempsey himself.

This variant is much rarer than the traditional Jack Dempsey fish, and its origins are quite controversial. Some claim this species is naturally occurring and can be found throughout Central America and on the Atlantic Coast of Mexico. While others claim the fish was bred by an Argentinian breeder named Hector Luzardo. To this day, there is still additional DNA testing required to determine whether or not the unique coloration of the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is due to morphing (genetic mutation), or hybridization (the mating of two different species).


Although Juveniles appear quite small, the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey will grow to be quite a large fish. Adult Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Fish will reach around 8 inches in length


Hobbyists can expect a healthy Electric Blue Jack Dempsey fish to live for 10-15 years in captivity. Typically, purchased Electric Blue Jack Dempsey fish are adults, usually between 1-2 years in age. You may want to consider inquiring about the age of the fish when purchasing, so you have some estimate of the life expectancy.

Tank Setup and Water Conditions

Before adding this fish, you’ll want to be sure you have an aquarium that’s large enough. We recommend an aquarium no smaller than 55 gallons for the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey fish. This will ensure that this species has plenty of room to swim, as this fish tends to be quite active in an aquarium.

Since tropical water tends to be a bit on the warmer side, you’ll want to purchase a heater, such as this one from Fluval  to regulate temperature. These fish prefer temperatures between 72-86°F, which you can regulate by using a thermometer.

Now, let’s discuss two important metrics. Potential Hydrogen (pH) and General Hardness (GH). The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey fish prefers pH levels to be between 6-7, and gH levels to be between 9-20dGH. These pH levels put this fish in the slightly acidic range. If your water supply has hard water, you may want to consider purchasing an RO/DI unit . These filters will lower the pH level of the water.


Some potential tankmates we recommend are:

  • Convict Cichlids
  • Blue Acara
  • Clown Loaches
  • Rainbow Fish
  • Severum Cichlids
  • Green Terrors
  • Jaguar Cichlids

In Conclusion

Electric Blue Jack Dempsey fish are some of the most brightly colored freshwater fish available in the hobby.

If you’re looking to create a unique freshwater aquarium and can manage the semi-aggressive behavior of this species, this fish might become your new favorite.


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