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The Coral Wood that we have are some of the nicest pieces of wood we have had for a long time. The structure of each piece is quite stunning with it's intricate shapes. 

These wood were originally from China and have made its way in the aquascaping field in 2020 by being more heavier and darker in colour it replaced Gold Vine.

The only thing we found with these wood is that it does leech a lot of dark tannins!

However, that's really the only issue we have found with this wood. There are more advantages then disadvantages.. such as there are no real build up of biofilm as you do in Gold Vine.

Monitor your soaking driftwood throughout the week, watching as the water darkens, and change the soak water every other day or so, until you no longer notice any discoloration for several days in a row.

  • Price as per Kg.
  • If need certain size or weight please inform us before make an order.


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