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Common Names: White Spot Tetra, Dawn Tetra, Panda Tetra

Origin and Habitat: Rio Paraguay basin in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Occurs in small rivers and streams that are overshadowed by vegetation.

Compatibility/Temperament: In spite of its small size, this fish will easily terrorize a tank of larger fish. It must be kept in a group, the larger the better to reduce internal aggression, so we suggest 9 or more. Should never be combined with slow or sedate fish, or those with long fins, as it will fin nip constantly. It is really only suitable on its own, or combined with substrate fish.

Dawn Tetra Diet

Readily accepts almost any prepared foods.


Attains 3-4 cm (1.2 to 1.5 inches).

Minimum Tank Suggestion

24 inches in length.

Water parameters for Dawn Tetra

Soft to medium hard (hardness 5-15 dGH), acidic to slightly basic (pH 5.5-7.5), temperature 22-26C/71-79F. Sources recommend soft, acidic water for best results. All available fish will be wild-caught.


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